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Creative Guidelines

Adform Creative Guidelines

The article covers creative technical specifications and guidelines in accordance with Adform’s own proprietary Ad Server requirements. The standard is set by the industry regulatory bodies such as IAB, IAB Techlab, Coalition for Better Ads. The requirements are established by supply-side vendors offering their inventory through Adform.

This section is subject to change and is constantly updated according to industry standards.

 Better Ads Standard

Better Ads Standard is developed by The Coalition for Better Ads. It connects:

  • the latest IAB standards,
  • various Internet browser requirements for non-intrusive 3rd party content (i.e. ads, rich media),
  • and ad blocking needs presented by consumers.

Read more about the Introduction to Better Ads Standard and Adform’s interpretation.

Additional guidelines are available for:

Guidelines described in the Better Ads Standard section are mandatory.

IAB New Ad Portfolio

The IAB New Ad Portfolio describes a new set of ad formats, non-disruptive user experience patterns, approach to rich media, and heavy content. You can find the latest version of the IAB New Ad Portfolio here. To read about Ad Experience, follow this link.

IAB New Ad Portfolio guidelines are not mandatory, however, technical aspects related to non-disruptive ad experience and L.E.A.N. should be followed closely and used as best-practice or a recommendation.

Technical Specifications

Adform Ad Server support

Adform Ad Server accepts any HTML5 compliant creative. You can build it using Adform HTML5 Studio, Adform HTML5 Templates, or independently from creative authoring tools provided by Adform.

Read more about relevant HTML5 specifications in Required Files Structure. You can find specifications for MRAID mobile ads here.

Click tracking

The creative has to implement at least one click tracker – a Click Tag.

 Read more on relevant resources for: