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Publisher certification should be initiated only if publisher is able to accept third-party tags and adheres to the IAB Standards.

This workflow can be used both by advertisers/agencies or by publishers:


If advertiser/agency wants to work with a specific publisher and would like to proactively test Adform ads on publishers site in order to be sure that ad serving and creative functionality would work as expected.


If publisher wants to proactively test Adform ads on their site in order be able to confirm to Advertisers that ad serving and creative functionality would work as expected.

Below are steps for testing:

  1. Advertiser/agency or publisher decides which ads they want to test (from the below table)

  2. Publisher downloads needed tags and implements them in a live/test environment (Adform Tags implementation guide)

  3. Publisher provides test page URLs to Adform Support at [email protected]

  4. Adform Support verifies ad serving and creative functionality

All communication regarding ad formats selection for testing should be held and initiated by advertiser/agency and/or publisher. Adform Support provides assistance on verifying ad serving and creative functionality once tags are implemented in a live/test environment.

Below listed tags are designed for ad serving and creative functionality testing but not for discrepancy check. For standard certification, it’s enough to test ad serving and creative functionality to ensure accurate reporting. If there is a specific need to perform a discrepancy check, please contact Adform support at [email protected] for more information.

Ad Formats Avalailable for Testing

Category Format Available sizes for testing Tag
Video VAST    VAST
Desktop Standard 300x250  Standard 300x250
970x250  Standard Billboard 970x250
728x90  Standard Leaderboard 728x90
Click to Float 300x250 → 760x600  Click to Float 300x250 760x600
970x250 → 760x600  Click to Float 970x250 760x600
Single File Expanding 300x250 → 500x350  Single File Expanding 300x250 500x350
Floating 760x600  Floating
IAP Pushdown 970x90 → 970x415  IAP Pushdown
Floor Ad 1280x70 → 980x400  Floor Ad
IAB Filmstrip 300x600  IAB Filmstrip
Responsive Header 1272x66 → 1272x328  Responsive Header
Responsive Leaderboard 1280x250  Responsive Leaderboard
Mobile Web Standard 320x50  Standard 320x50
Interstitial Depend on the screen size  Interstitial
Slickbox 300x300  Slickbox
Click to Expand 320x160 → 320x320  Click to Expand
Slider 300x250  Slider
Scratch 320x250  Scratch
n/a Tracking Pixel 1x1 1x1 Tracking pixel