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Common Content RTB Ad Requirements

Spyware, malware viruses, ActiveX etc. result in removal of an ad.

Non-functional, deceptive or misleading elements, or content are not allowed.

Ads cannot appear as if they are actually content or links on a publisher’s site. They must be distinguished from the content.

No privacy policy on a landing page that requests PII results in the ad prohibition.

Exact offer in the creative must be actionable on a landing page (example: if 15% off is offered in the creative, 15% exactly must be advertised on the landing page).

Non-US landing pages are okay, but any prices shown in creatives must be the currency of the country of an advertiser.

Windows Live currently only accepts creatives in English; and Windows Live Latino only accepts creatives in English and Spanish.

Content restrictions: Banners of RTB campaigns must not have any sensitive information from these categories: politics, dating, religion, video games (casual & online), ringtones & downloadables, get-rich-quick, weight loss, cosmetic procedures & body modification, drugs & supplements, sexual & reproductive health, consumer loans, free gifts, quizzes & surveys, misleading claims, references to sex & sexuality. Prohibited content also includes tobacco/weapons, nudity, defamatory/hate content, illegal activities, profanities, exploitation (includes international dating etc.), spyware, extra-specific targeting, fake operating system interface, gambling; children's content is prohibited from prompting personally identifiable information (P.I.I.), political creatives cannot use “hot-button issues”, web-based colleges must be accredited. No potential brand competitors, no misappropriation of logos or brand.

Compliance with the AdChoices program, if applicable (for Microsoft AdExchange).

Competitive Exclusion is not allowed (which includes Publisher Specified Requirements, or covers other Publisher filtering).