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Event Tracking

  • Standard Events

    MRAID tracking implements the following standard events (for expandable ads, where applicable):

    •  First Expand - Fires only once on first banner expand/resize (ID:21),
    • Other Expands - Fires on every other banner expand/resize (ID:22),
    • Close Button Press - Fires when banner is closed/collapsed (ID:23),
    • Collapse - Fires when an expandable banner is collapsed (ID: 143).
  • Custom Events

    Custom events (with event IDs from 1 to 20) can be reported using Adform.sendEvent() method:
    // Will appear as "Custom Event 1" in reporting


    // Fire "Custom Event 2" with some extra data

    Adform.sendEvent(Adform.EVENT_CUSTOM_2, "data 1", "data 2");

    Custom events can have a human-friendly name in reporting (instead of the default “Custom Event #”). To rename custom events - define event names as part of the standard HTML5 rich media asset manifest.json file:

      "version": "1.0",
      "events": {
        "enabled": 1,
        "list": {
          "1": "My Event",
          "2": "Another Event"