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Firing Adform Click and Tracking Pixels

For Click tracking we have three different methods. However, we recommend using OOBClickTrack since it is the most reliable one:

  • ;click= – redirects to and appends our click tracker un-encoded at the end
  • ;encodedclick= - redirect to and appends our click tracker encoded at the end
  • ;OOBClickTrack= – fires pixel during the time browser is redirected to our click tracker and before redirecting to final landing page

All three methods must be used at the end of the tag, especially if Adform tag is used as a 3rd party tag. If additional parameters are needed, they must be added before the click tracker, not after.

Bad example:;adfuid=5345345;oobclicktrack=;adfuid=5345345;rtbwp=%%WP%%;

In this case rtbwp parameter will be assigned to bn=654321, even though it should be assigned to bn=123456

Good example:;adfuid=5345345;rtbwp=%%WP%%;oobclicktrack=;adfuid=5345345;

In this case all parameters are before click tracker and will be assigned correctly. Other parameters after click tracker will be assigned to click tracker. 


For Impression tracking:

  • ;trackpixel=http://www.impression.url – fires impression pixel during the time our impression is counted
  • ;redirurl=http://www.impression-pixel.url - impression pixel redirect to third party impression pixel

  • Firing Impression Pixel


    <script type="text/javascript">
     document.write("<img src=\";1x1inv=1;srctype=3;ord="+(new Date()).getTime()+"\" border=\"0\" width=\"1\" height=\"1\">");

    Sample how to fire Adform's impression pixel and then redirect to another system's third party pixel, using ;redirurl :

    <script type="text/javascript">
     document.write("<img src=\";1x1inv=1;srctype=3;ord="+(new Date()).getTime()+";redirurl="+(new Date()).getTime()+"/redot.gif?id=1006serGZwVGCi3qJCc2WrdeP8Iway7IwVfR9utVqF7.g7/fastid=2305843009233729478/stparam=yefqquehle\" width=\"1\" height=\"1\">");


  • Click Counter

     Javascript sample how to fire click track pixel on click:

     function adfClick() {
            adf_bn = 2787520;
            var pixel = new Image();
            pixel.src = '' + adf_bn; 

    Firing click (%%c1) on form submit:

    <script language="javascript">
        function ADF_submit(){
        var ADF_image = new Image();
        ADF_image.src = "%%c1";
    <form id="trvForm" action="" method="get" target="_new">
    <button class="form-btn" id="submitBtn" type="button" onClick="ADF_submit();">Splash</button>
  • Using ;cpdir= Referrer

    Adform has a predefined redirect referrer ;cpdir=. This referrer could redirect visitor to some landing page defined after it when a click is counted.  Samples how  ;cpdir=  could be applied:

    • '"+ +";cpdir='  
    • ';cpdir='      
    • ';C=1;kw=Keyword;cpdir='