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Transferring Variables in Query String

Transferring variables to the query string is often desired when a user inputs some data interactively in a banner, e.g., e-mail address, telephone number, location. This can be achieved by appending  ";urlappend=" parameter to a clickTAG. The method of transferring these variables in the query string is described in the example below.

Using  ;urlappend= in query string values

JavaScript code:

var custom = ';urlappend='+'?street='+street+'&country='+country+'&city='+city+'&zip='+zip; + custom, landingpagetarget);

If the clickTAG is, for example, set to, the user gets redirected to when the banner is clicked.

Note: Variables in the query string cannot be tested in a banner's preview page. All query string variables will be passed on to the final landing page only when the banner is uploaded to campaign in the Adform system and published.