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Common Guidelines for RTB Creatives

All ads must comply with specific policies and laws of external parties and IAB. Violation of the below mentioned restrictions will result in removal of the ads and client taking full responsibility. Please refer to each individual network for network-specific requirements and creative guidelines.

  • Requirements
    • Landing page must open in a new tab or a new window.
    • Ads must be in these formats: *.jpeg, *.png, *.gif, *.html.
    • *.html ads must support the clickTAG variable.
    • Exact offer in the creative must be actionable on a landing page. For example, if 15% off is offered in the creative, 15% exactly must be advertised on the landing page.
  • Additional Third Party Banner Requirements
    • Single creative cannot feature more than one brand (different banners can be rotated for the same brand). 
    • Ads must be loaded from an approved adserver. Please contact [email protected] in case to certify new adserver.
    • Geographical targeting, coming from a 3rd party advertiser side is not allowed.
    • Ads must be SSL-compliant (“HTTPS”).
  • Restrictions and Prohibited Content
    • Fourth-party calls – multiple impression pixels per impression.
    • Creatives cannot be from or make a call to an unapproved adserver.
    • Spyware, malware viruses, ActiveX etc.
    • Malvertising – fake banners, hidden scripts and other similar behavior.
    • Non-functional or misleading content, fake hyperlinks, simulating fake interactivity, initiating downloads, imitating Windows, Unix, or Mac dialog boxes.
    • Auto click, auto redirect and similar behaviour.
    • Auto-audio or auto-expand.
    • Pop ups, pop unders, surveys or any ad that spawns them.
    • Colonizing ads that spawn additional windows or messages beyond the original advertising message.
    • Ads that appear as if they are actually content or links on a publisher’s site. They must be distinguished from the content.
    • Privacy policy on a landing page that requests personally indentifiable information.
    • Creatives containing sensitive information in these categories: politics, dating, religion, video games (casual & online), ringtones & downloadables, get-rich-quick, weight loss, cosmetic procedures & body modification, drugs & supplements, sexual & reproductive health, consumer loans, free gifts, quizzes & surveys, misleading claims, references to sex & sexuality. Prohibited content also includes tobacco/weapons, nudity, defamatory/hate content, illegal activities, profanities, exploitation (includes international dating etc.), spyware, extra-specific targeting, fake operating system interface, gambling; children's content is prohibited from prompting personally identifiable information (P.I.I.), political creatives cannot use “hot-button issues”, web-based colleges must be accredited. No potential brand competitors, no misappropriation of logos or brand.
  • Recommendations
    • Animation length suggested – less than 30 sec.
    • Initial load size – up to 150kb.
    • Most common ad dimensions:
      • 120x600;
      • 160x600;
      • 300x250;
      • 468x60;
      • 728x90.