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  • The concept

    MRAID, or “Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions”, is the IAB project to define a common API (Application Programming Interface) for mobile rich media ads that will run in mobile apps or mobile web. This is a standardized set of commands, designed to work with HTML5 and JavaScript and to communicate what those ads do (expand, resize etc) with the apps they are being served into.

    Putting it another way, MRAID makes it possible to quickly and easily run creative across applications from different publishers.

    In other words, MRAID should be used for in-app banners so the banners could communicate with the environment it runs in. 

    Note: For MRAID specifications please visit


    Note: We fully support MRAID v1 and MRAID v2 banners.


  • Benefits

    As a standard banner is placed in an in-app environment, it does not know how to behave as it's not in the standard web environment. This is where MRAID comes to help.

    The main benefit of MRAID is that the same banner can work in any environment with defined MRAID and it helps the banner to complete these actions:

    • Display
    • Click & Close
    • Resize & Expand
    • Measure viewability
    • and more..

    Note: For all MRAID functions please see


  • When to use MRAID

    MRAID has to be used for mobile in-app banners, but can also be used for mobile web. DHTML banners will also work in mobile web.

  • Detection of MRAID in the environment

    After an MRAID banner is served, it first searches for MRAID in the environment it's published in. There are two types of serving MRAID banners and detection of MRAID:

    Mobile web:

    • If MRAID is found in the environment, it will be used
    • If MRAID is not found, it will be provided by Adform serving - the provided Adform MRAID will help the banner to work in mobile and desktop web.

    Mobile in-app:

    • If MRAID is found in the environment, it will be used
    • If MRAID is not found, the banner won't work fluently and Adform MRAID won't be provided as it is only designed for web.