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Adobe Edge Banners

Adobe Edge Animate lets web designers create interactive HTML animations for web, digital publishing, rich media advertising and more, reaching both desktop and mobile with ease. In order to make such banners be compatible with mobile MRAID environment, creative should follow specifications below. 

  • Adding the clickTAG

    Adding a clickTAG to Adobe Edge Animate banner consists of these steps:

    1. Right click on the element you want too attach the clickTAG and press "Open actions":


    2. Add a "Click" action on your element:


    3. Assign the MRAID click on the click handler:'clickTAG'));


    Note: The banner will not click until it is uploaded in our system and the clickTAG is defined there.


  • Including MRAID

    MRAID has to be included in the exported Adobe Edge banner's HTML files head sector.

        <script src="mraid.js"></script>


  • Meet the required file structure

    The banner won't work in our system until it's adapted to Adform's required file structure.

    Please see how it should look here.

    Tip: Import Adobe Edge banner to the HTML5 Studio and it will export a banner meeting our required file structure.