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What is HTML5 Studio?


Imagine being able to create interactive, animated, and highly engaging ads without having to worry about technical restrictions that media agencies and advertisers frequently come across. Adform’s HTML5 Studio Builder allows you to put HTML, JavaScript, and CSS aside and immerse into the creation of ads that are easy-to-make, highly configurable, and require neither designing nor coding skills.


What is it in for you?


  • A wide range of components helps you to build more engaging ads without ever needing to write a code.
  • Builder based templates give you already prebuilt templates with a possibility to change it according to your needs.
  • Multiple animations allow you to create more interactive Ad content.
  • By using the drag-and-drop interface, you can work on your Ads in a faster and easier way.
  • Contextual menu allows you to work on your ad in a more convenient way. 
  • MRAID compliance enables your created ads to run across in-app, mobile, and desktop web. 
  • You are able to test your banners and implement Adform-specific features (e.g. clickTags, custom events, and etc.).


Latest Updates


New Components

The latest updates come with a set of new components, which are a Panel Slide, a Cube, and a Carousel. Builder Mode based components now have Simple and Advanced modes. See the guidelines here.

 Builder Mode Settings Improvements

To ease the banner creation process, the following changes have been applied to settings:

  • You can now reorder the layers of components/elements and this will allow you to save your work and preview it afterward.
  • Video Player alone has multiple improvements applied:
    • From now on, Display Video Player settings like Loop, Auto Play, or Sound On can only be accessed and modified from the Banner Settings (grey) panel. 
    • Display Video Player has a new video controls theme which makes video controls clearly visible when video content contains light colors. 
    • Ultimately, a new option that allows hiding all controls has been introduced.
  • Text component has the option to set custom font size (min 1px., max 1638 px.). Additionally, you are now able to write a text that takes up more than one line.
  • Introduced Initially Hidden component or element setting "Visibility", which allows you to hide or display selected component based on triggered actions (for example, a click, a press, a mouse in). See the guidelines here

Benefit from the guidelines below!


 The following guidelines are divided into three seperate sections: 

  • Builder - set of guidelines that will give you a better comprehension of how the properties and functions differ depending on each component and how can you navigate around the builder while making your workflow more efficient. 
  • Compliance - set of guidelines that demonstrate how an already created banner can achieve compliance with Adform's specifications; how can you test your banners and preview them as well; and presents different tutorials on how to optimize your workflow while working in HTML5 Studio. 
  • Expert - this tutorial will give you a better perspective on how you can put Studio's Mobile Interstitial template to use, and how to amend it by using the Studio File browser and Studio Code editor. 

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