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Geo Location Ad

Each banner served through Adform is able to recognize user's location. It can be achieved in two ways described bellow.

1. Parameter "locationInfo"

It is possible to grab geo location data by using parent.Adform.locationInfo and the final outcome is (depending on visitor's location):

Tip: please check the banner example by clicking "BANNER SOURCES" in the top of the page which explains exact using of this param

Important: please note that parent.Adform.locationInfo() only works with Display banners, for Mobile banners please use Adform.getLocation() function

  2. Parameter "geo"

It is also possible to get geo value by using Adform dhtml library:
var my_location = dhtml.getVar('geo');

It returns a variable with 3 values: geo=x;y;z

x - city of visitor 
y - region
z - country

 e.g.: geo=11082;25716;440 - 440 stands for Lithuania and 11082 - Vilnius City

Then the mapping must be done - numbers to actual location names. In order to be able to do this, we provide a list of all needed cities/regions and numbers representing them. Finally, the whole mapping should be done inside banner and then geo location data is ready for any use.