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Adform Audience tracking code is used to collect audience of users in order to commence retargeting strategies on specific events, such as remarked users who interacted with banner tags.
The tracking code gathers visitor cookie ID only and sends this data to Adform servers.

Please note that this tracking code does not collect statistics for analytics purposes – for that we recommend using Standard tracking point.



Once the code is received, it can be implemented in the website page source code, or on a banner event as a postback URL.

Example code:

<!-- Pixel: "tracking point name" -->
<img src="{trackingID}&lid={pointID}" width="1" height="1" alt="" />

As the tracking code is HTML type it is compactible in being activated from tag manager solutions which supports HTML tags as well.


Implementation check

After the tracking code has been implemented on the page it can be confirmed if it has been activated with the Adform site tracking testing browser extension - it is available to be downloaded for Chrome browser here.

Alternatively, you can check network requests via browser’s developer tools:


Successful activation will result in a tracking point network request, which contains the tracking setup id, tracking point name and other information sent.

For additional information please contact site tracking team at [email protected].