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COTY U.S. Banner Triage and Conversion Process


U.S. creatives for March – June launches were built in the incumbent adserver and were therefore incompatible with the Adform platform.

COTY, it’s local media agency partners and Adform agreed a process for conversion of these executions to the right specs, in order to facilitate the smooth transition to Adform in the U.S.

Beyond June, U.S creative partners will be moving to the same model as the E.U and will be trained on the use of Adform coding standards as explained in the rest of this guide.


1. Banners are sent to Adform COTY creative via creative agency or media agency

1.1. Adform work with COTY and media agency partners to ensure that creative teams send their files to the COTY creative alias. Subject line to be formatted: COTY [Brand name] [market].

1.1.1. Email address: [email protected]

1.1.2. Email to state required go live date if available. Also should contain creative agency contact if available, especially in instances where contact comes from media agency

2. Adform confirm receipt

2.1. Adform to confirm banners have been sent for triage within  24 hours


3. Adform triage the banners into sets, preserving existing naming conventions

3.1. Preserving the supplied naming conventions, Adform will triage the banners

4. Adform convert / fix / amend banners accordingly

4.1. Adform will begin conversion based on agreed sets (1 to 3)

4.1.1. If creative requires complex conversion (falls into set 3) Adform will liaise with relevant creative agency, requesting contact if not provided

4.1.2. For video, the Coty Creative Team will use an external video conversion tool to compress video to the best suited settings to maintaining the best weight/quality balance

Submission & naming

 5. Adform send banners to media agency for naming

5.1. Adform provide preview link document for client sign off. For video previews, Coty Creative Team will set up a pre-roll ad for the preview purpose (only) using standard pre-roll settings and provide links to these. They will also send a suggested “format type” for each video sent back

5.2. Once signed off, Adform will send banner and video files back to central contacts.

5.3. All banners uploaded to adform internal storage

6. Banners are named by media agency*

7. Traffic sheeting process begins

7.1. Media agency to align named files to the trafficking sheet

8. Banners sent to Adform COTY traffic support with traffic sheet

8.1. Media agency send on to Adform COTY traffic support via [email protected] with corresponding traffic sheet

9. Adform traffic acknowledge

10. Adform send a final analysis report to COTY

10.1. Adform send analysis report** to COTY every two weeks


*Ultimate responsibility for naming of banners lies with media agency, Adform are there to assist

** Explaining which banners fell into which set