Updated: 30/01/2018

As an advertising technology company and rich media innovator, we are proud to see the creative digital advertising industry growing, becoming increasingly more standardized, and self-organizing to address consumer concerns.

For more than 16 years one of the most exciting aspects of the services we provide has been witnessing the evolution of rich media. This has come as publisher have worked hand-in-hand with advertisers to create unique and engaging online experiences.

However, during this process there’s always a struggle for balance between unfettered creativity and the urge to maximize engagement or conversions. This can lead to a blurry line between what’s good user experience and what is not. In the face of many different standards and growing complexity a need for standardized best practices has arisen. One magnifed by the adoption of ad blockers and the proliferation of bad actors who misuse and abuse creative capabilities to serve questionable content.

At Adform, we believe in a working towards a transparent, fraud-free and high-quality advertising market. Whether it is programmatic buying and our efforts to battle fraud in an industry-shaping way (see HyphBot) or by focusing on the creative landscape and industry standards to battle abusive consumer experiences we are constantly looking at new ways to improve and innovate.

The Initial Better Ads Standard is based on scientifc consumer research and brings together both creatives and publishers in the pursuit of an optimal solution that benefts both sides while delivering a superior consumer experience.

Although the initial standard might seem technical or ambiguous in some cases, it relies on largely universal principals:

Desktop Ads Experience

Mobile Ads Experience

The following documents have been prepared to help you interpret the Initial Better Ads Standard and offers recommendations for best performing formats and creative solutions optimal for telling compelling creative stories that conform to the new standard.