Video Container Documentation

Updated: 31/03/2017. Version: 1.5

Note: Video Container is not supported with MRAID based formats. It is compatible with Desktop and Mobile Web based formats which are using DHTML.js.

Example of Video Container:

Template in Adform HTML STUDIO

Downlaod Video Container Component


A Video container or wrapper is a highly customizable video player upgrade. It provides simplified video player re-usability (add/remove component) and code optimization. Please follow the guidelines below in order to change available parameters.


  1. Make sure that DHTML Video Player is implemented.
  2. Initialize the container:
var player = new Adf.VideoContainer({
    container: '#adf-video', 
    clicktag: clickTAGvalue,
    target: landingpagetarget


Mandatory Settings

These are the properties that have to be present in Video Container:

Name Type Description
container string Id or class of a DOM element where video should be rendered
clicktag string Clicktag URL
target string Clicktag target (e.g. ‘_blank’)

Optional Settings

Name Type Default Description
video object { sources: Adform.getVar(‘videoSources’), poster: Adform.getAsset(3), playOnExpand: true, theme: ‘v2’ } Video object that accepts the parameters used by Video Player Component


Possible exposed methods:

Name Description Returns video object Starts video
player.pause() Pauses video
player.stop() Stops video
player.mute() Mutes video
player.unmute() Unmutes video
player.toggleSound() Toggles video sound