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Video Autoplay on Mobile

Due to specific operating systems limitations (ex. iOS, Android 4+), Video Autoplay feature is disabled by default on some mobile devices. Using Adform Video Component, we can easily enable this feature. 

Follow these steps to enable Autoplay on Mobile devices: 

  • Upload additional MPEG11 video to video sources. 
  • Make sure, you checked autoplay setting on in the options dialog.


  • Combine this setup with inview property. 
  • Many publishers require sound to be disabled when video is in autoplay mode. 
  • To compress video, use ffmpeg compression tool. Command line is ffmpeg -i source.mp4 -an -f mpeg1video -vf "crop=iw-mod(iw\,2):ih-mod(ih\,2)" -b:v 150k output.mpg
  • Visit demo page with your mobile or tablet, to see in action. Scan QR code below:
    Autoplay Demo

1 - MPEG1 video must be compressed without sound. Respect the bandwidth, try compress with as low bitrate as possible.