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MRAID Scratch allows user to scratch the predefined area and reveal the ad message. The ad can offer additional rich media experience.

  • Specifications

    Please follow General specifications.

  • Component
    	width: 0, 
    	height: 0, 
    	image: "assets/image.jpg",  
    	percentage: 75, 
    	radius: 30,
    	delay: 0, 
    	zIndex: 0, 
    	intensity: 0.6, 
    	fadeDuration: 500 
    Property Description
    width, height Dimension 0 will set the relevant canvas dimension to 100%, these values can also be set in pixels to make the canvas fixed size
    image Top image which will be scratchable (this will be overrided if Additional asset 1 is present)
    percentage Percentage of scratched area to reveal banner
    radius Scratch radius in pixels
    delay Time in milliseconds to auto-reveal the banner after it gets visible, 0 will disable
    zIndex z-index of scratchable Canvas element, 0 to disable
    intensity Scratching intensity (must be a number from 0 to 1, otherwise 0.6 will be set)
    fadeDuration The length of fading animation when the canvas is being removed