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Dynamic Content

MRAID Dynamic Content allows changing the banner content without a need to produce a new creative. On each refresh predetermined messages are randomly loaded on the same banner. 

  • Specifications

    Please follow General specifications.

  • Configuration

    The following script should be inserted in the <head> container:

    <script src=""></script>

    The following script is used to create dynamic content:

    <script type="adform/template" data-client="4790" data-template="11780" data-messages="82993283">
            <div >
                <div id="text1" class="text">{{text1}}</div>
                <div id="text2" class="text">{{text2}}</div>
                <div id="text3" class="text">{{text3}}</div>

    When loaded into the system, XML file takes the following structure:{data-client}/{data-template}.xml

    When banner is uploaded to Adform system different template/admessage can be assigned using UI

    For data synchronization and transformation please contact Adform Rich Media Support


    If there is a need to load more AdMessages, manipulate text data or call some function when AdMessage is loaded you can use:

    Adform.DCO.loadMessages(1, function(data, total) {//total returns how many AdMessages there are in total
      data.messages[0]['text3']  = '!'; //text var manipulation
      return function () { 
        //action when admessage is loaded e.g. start animation