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MRAID Slicebox allows the user to split the different sides of the banner into easily customizable rows. Each row reacts independently when the animation stars thus creating a visually appealing transition.

  • Specifications

    Please follow General specifications.

  • Component
    var slicedUnit = new SlicedUnit({
        width: 300,
        height: 250,
        minScale: 0.95,
        sliceCount: 10,
        sliceSideCount: 4,
        sliceRotationDuration: 0.6,
        sliceRotationDelay: 0.1,
        shadow: '#006496',
        autoRotationDelay: 3,
        autoRotationTimeout: 25,
        useVerticalSlices: false,
        useVerticalRotation: false,
        useSinglePerspective: true,
        useOffsetCompensation: false,
        content: [
            {src: 'assets/Panel_1.png', onClick: Adform.getClickURL('clickTAG1')},
            {src: 'assets/Panel_2.png', onClick: Adform.getClickURL('clickTAG2')},
            {src: 'assets/Panel_3.png', onClick: Adform.getClickURL('clickTAG3')},
            {src: 'assets/Panel_4.png', onClick: Adform.getClickURL('clickTAG4')},
            {src: 'assets/Panel_5.png', onClick: Adform.getClickURL('clickTAG5')}
        className: 'slicedUnit'
    Property Value
    width Slicebox width
    height Slicebox height
    minScale Scale during animation (1 = 100%)
    sliceCount Number of sliced rows
    sliceSideCount Number of sides
    sliceRotationDuration Duration of individual rotation in seconds
    shadow Shadow color
    autoRotationDelay Delay between auto rotations
    autoRotationTimeout Number of seconds auto rotation lasts
    useVerticalSlices Toggle between sliced rows and columns
    useVerticalRotation Toggle between vertical and horizontal animation
    content Assets and clickTAGs for individual sides