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MRAID 3D Pentagon offers an interactive rich media experience allowing the user to reveal additional content while creating a 3D effect. It can support up to 20 walls.

  • Specifications

    Please follow General specifications.

  • Component
    			new Adform.Cube({
    				vertical: false,
    				autoRotate: 3000,
    				swipeEventStep: 60,
    				customNavigationIcon: false, 
    				swipeFinger: "assets/finger.png",
    				preventPageScrolling: false
    Property Description
    vertical Controls the direction of the animation
    autoRotate Controls the automatic slide time. Set to false to disable.
    swipeEventStep Controls swipe event step
    customNavigationIcon Enables custom nagivation icon
    swipeFinger Sets custom swipe finger image
    preventPageScrolling Disables page scrolling when swiping on the ad

    Images for cube walls are set through additional assets.