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Inline SVG Masks not working when Banner is shown in HTML5 Studio Preview

Hi, I have created some banners that use inline SVG with masks. The SVG is dynamically injected using JavaScript. The banners work fine in all browsers I tested locally, but when I upload them in HTML5 Studio, the mask stops working, meaning it is not visible in the preview window. When I export the banners in HTML5 Studio and open the modified files on my local machine, the masks are back and working again. The preview window uses an iframe to embed the banner. When I open the target URL of the preview iframe, the banner also looks fine. What could be the issue here? I did some research and found this:!topic/doubleclick-rich-media/xrMiIfRIpjM Someone seemed to have a very simliar problem with Google Doubleclick. Could this be the case with adform too? Thanks for any help! Jacob

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