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Is it a easy way to crossfade text/picture and have the animation looping?
We recommend to use Adform HTML5 Studio - special HTML5 banner builder. We have some default animations included, so I suggest to check our Builder Mode Intro ( and then read more about Animation possibilites in section Builder Mode (
Check tag for mraid compatibility
Koen van Langen
Hi Team, I was searching the adform site for an example of a mraid tag but unfortunately couldn't find this. Can you please let me know if the following tag is compatible for mraid? <script language="javascript" src="********"></script> <noscript> <a href="********;C=0" target="_blank"> <img src="********;srctype=4;ord=[timestamp]" border="0" width="300" height…
Hi, does the external CDN loaded CreateJS count towards the "filesize budget"? Thanks
Video state events not firing
Im using the AdForm video player and I'm trying to listen to when the video has stopped playing. The below is not working for me, any ideas ? VideoPlayer = Adform.Component.VideoPlayer; sources = dhtml.getVar('videoSources', [{ "file": "assets/coke_980x240.mp4" }, { "file": "assets/coke_980x240.webm" }, { "file": "assets/coke_980x240.ogv" }]); vp = VideoPlayer.create({ sources: sources, loop: false, muted: false, autoplay: true, poster: 'images/poster.jpg' }); if (vp) { vp.removeClass('adform-vi…
Some noobie questions
Hi, I hope this finds you well. I was asked to make a filmstrip html banner for someone and , after a few searches I came across your html5 studio. It looks great but, I was left wondering a few things. How do I sign up to use it? What is the cost involved? Can I save my work in progress? Once a banner is made, can I just download the files and use them on my server or? Can I import the files downloaded into another tool, such as Adobe Edge? Forgive me for all these, most likely, s…
Banners with "fixed" position
Hey Adform, What is the template called, where you have a banner, which has fixed content inside, which means that when you scroll, the display window is moved, not the content? You might see an example here: -Christian
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Post to php app is blocked
Hello Adform, I have an issue that when I post to my php application from HTML5 banner i get an error: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks!
Questions about reporting
Hello! I'm currently doing an analysis of Norwegian Airlines on the conversion time in the different campaigns. I have made a Custom Report called "Leads and Sales per Reaction Time", but the output only show the time intervals of "1-60 minutes", "1-24 hours", "1-7 days" and "+7 days". I was wondering if it is possible to make the time intervals more continuous/linear. For example with time intervals on a daily basis? Have a good day, /Tobias
Most common banner sizes (most impressions)
Teo Becerra
Hi, my name is Teo Becerra and I have a quick and simple question. Which are your most common banner sizes, and by that I mean which banner sizes receives the most impressions?
Stats discrepancies
Mustafa Wasfi
Hello, Generated reports of my campaign in Adform and then compared with reports I got from Publisher. They do not match, what could be the reason of stats discrepancies? Thanks in advance!
Conversion of Google Analytics
Dear, I'd like to measure conversion from adform and see it at Google Analytics. I have utm links of course. Which code should I implement on my website? This: Tracking Code: Standard (Asynchronous) from panel (site tracking->tracking settings->templates) will be enough? Julia
Banner multiupload
Hege Merete
Hi, I'll need to upload prox 140 new retargeting campaigns. Instead of creating one and one banner, is it possible to upload an excel file? If it's possible, how should this scheme look like?
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