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Preload and states
Jonas Sandstedt
Hi, do I understand it correct if I could use dhtml.getState() and dhtml.sharedEvents to se if a the banner itself is visible on the page? Source: /support/documentation/build-html5-banners/html5-banner-specifications/preload-and-states/ Example: var state = dhtml.getState(); dhtml.sharedEvents.on('changed:state', function (s) { state = s; if (state == "visible") { // Start the animations in the banner when the user scrolls to the banner } });
Repeat loop of animation, with a delay
Hello, I have created a banner ad in your HTML5 studio ( The animation is a sliding image which move on and off the screen to reveal an image underneath. The first loop works great (with a delay), but as soon as I tick 'infinity repeat' the animation then disregards the delay i have added. Is there anyway to make the animation include a pause or delay on every loop? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Kind regards N…
HTML5 banner composition not showing properly when uploading zip to Adform
Hi I am having some trouble testing some html5 banners produced in Adobe edge animate. The problem is when uploading the zip files to adform only some of my composition is shown. The animation works fine in adobe egde stage and preview in browser. After 'publish' i can also open the html file that was created and view in browser.. It is only pm adform it does not work. Help is needed asap!! Thanks in advance /Felicia
Video banner issue
Abdur Rahim
Hello team, I am doing a standard banner in 300x250 which will have video. If I am not permitted to use any external video with link, what is will be maximum file size of video for locally use? My question is, can I use external path for video? I don't want to use your component, is it okay if I pay video with my own code? I need the solution asap. Thanks Abdur Rahim
Greensock animation library
Malin Ekman
Hi! I'm producing HTML banners using Greensocks Tweening libraries, but its sizes is an issue for the max weight for the banners. It says on your site I could include external library source. You don't happen to provide these libraries for developers to use? Thank you!
Export banner
Hi Is it possible to export and download the whole banner without any hosting on adform? Thanks / Johan






Politely loading banner test
Daniel Gerlach Christensen
Am I doing something wrong? I'm trying to politely load some video into my banner, but no matter what, it doesn't feel like your test page gives the PAGE_LOADED. Does it do that?
Sync Banner with no loop
it seems that this code setInterval(function(){ if (animationStartTime == undefined) return; var timePassed = new Date().getTime() - animationStartTime; var calculatedFrame = Math.ceil((stage.frameRate * timePassed / 1000) % animation.totalFrames); if (animation.currentFrame != calculatedFrame) { animation.gotoAndPlay(calculatedFrame); } }, 1000); autmatically loops synced banners. if i remove it, it's automatic rewritten when export / preview. how do i prevent the sync bann…
Https Ad support
Jeremy Williams
There seems to be no mention of how to support HTTPS secure ad pixels. How would that be done? Example: ref: MyClickTagButton.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, function():void { if (root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:" || root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTAG.substr(0,6) == "https:") { navigateToURL( new URLRequest(root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTAG), "_blank" ); } } );
Template e clickTAG
stefania baldi
Hello i must do a RTB Creatives Standard (300x250 and 300x600): /support/documentation/rtb-creatives/common-guidelines-for-rtb-creatives/. First ask: must i use this template? /support/documentation/build-flash-banners/flash-banner-formats/creating-standard-ad/ or can i realize a banner with our clickTAG? If yes, which code clickTAG? Thank you St
Adform video player poster not same size as banner dimensions
Johan Nielsen
Hi there, Basically I am trying to add a poster to my adform banner. The banner, the video and poster all have the same dimensions. But when I add the poster and preview the banner, the poster does not fill the entire banner.
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