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Ben Whitley
Hi, Our company - Indicia are producing a number of html5 banner campaigns for one of our clients, The Football Association. They use the ams media group as their media partner, but we design and build the banners. We would like to have access to the HTML5 studio so we can upload the campaigns for the client to test and check over. at the moment we are sharing individual previews and these seem to sometimes time out. Would it be posible for us to have access so we can do this? Cheers, Ben
MRAID vs. "Normal banners"
Simon Kanst
Hi Adform, We need to change a "Normal" Adform HTML5 banner to a MRAID banner, for this to work in a mobile APP (as i understand it). Can you please advice on what steps that need to be taken? Seems We need the DHTML Adform-link to be changed to a MRAID.js file? But where does the MRAID.js file come from? Anything else? Can you maybe list the steps in this process? I have a feeling that it is not very complicated, but we are having problems retrieving the exact steps from the online documentatio…
Adform studio link lifetime
Raul-Dorin Costea
Hi, I created some banners in the Adform Studio and I was wondering how long will the links work. Should I worry about not being able to access the link of a banner in a few months?
How to create an account
Hello, Can you tell me how I can create an account for the banner adform studio so I can save my banners? Thanks
Video Banners
Simon Kanst
Hi, We have been giving a task to creative video banners that are Adform compliant. We dont have any interest in using the Adform builder tools! Can you please direct us to some documentation regarding: - Adform hosting of video files? (where to upload and how to reference?) - Accepted video formats? (if you have any restrictions? MP4, ogv, WEBM etc.?) - Video filesize restrictions? - Explanation on how videos are loaded (event triggers etc.) - Other restrictions we need to know about? Thank you…
Using AdformLite-Tweens instead of TweenLIte
Peter M.
Hi! I´d like to use TweenLite style animations in a HTML5 banner. I found a similar syntax in one of Adform´s templates. However, I am not able to use it. Example:, 0.4, {left: '0px', top:'0px'}); Do we need to load a specific javascript in addition to ""? Thanks in advance, Peter






Flash Expandable - Transparent
Carsten Egedal
I'm creating am expandable banner, and I want the expanded banner to på transparent and has set it so. But in demo view it has a white background. What can I do to make it transparent. Thx Carsten
Syncbanner resets sizes when refresh
Hi, i am trying to set up a set of synced banners. unfortunately, whenever i change the size of the the panels, the information is not passed to the mainbanner. instad, when i click refresh in the component panel, the panels a reseted to always 728x90. even changing sizes directly in the config xmls doesn't help. how can i make a set of synced banners with different sizes? best regards.
Where do I upload and test dynamic flash creatives?
Hello, we've created a dynamic flash creative that pulls copy and an image url from an xml file that needs to be located in the same place as the swf. However, on the adform flash test page, you can only upload a .swf, not a zip file. Where do I upload dynamic creatives? Thank you.
polite loading
Hi, I am building a polite loading ad in flash and want to know if your creative toolkit files and components will allow me to build a polite ad for use with any distributor/trafficker? Or is in fact the resulting file limited only to work for distribution through adform? Thanks, Alex
How do uninstall AdForm Flash Extension
Hello AdFOrm, How do you uninstall the Ad form Extension from flash? I have already tried and removed the Adobe Extension Manager CC. When when i output the Flash File it seems to be looking for the adForm Classes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Manny Da Silva
Export button unavailable in toolkit
Hi, I have created a video banner and it is working in ”preview” correctly.. Now I want to make a packet for “final testing” … There is this “export” / “upload” buttons in flash Adform panel, but those buttons are dimmed… Do I need to fill all “clickTAG” exits or something ? Thanks.