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Is there a way to compress java script libraries?
Hi, we mainly work with Flash to create html5 Ads. The files created from flash usually load some JS libraries from (like tween.js, movieclip.js etc.). We recently got the information that it is actually forbidden (or more like recommended?) to load external scripts. Now I have the problem that those scripts together weigh approximately 165kb (after uploading a banner including only those scripts and optimize-downloading it again). The ZIP file containing the banner howeve…
Should i have account to use HTML5 Studio? Or it is possible to work without signing in? If i need an account - please help me find the way how can i register or make an account. Still cant find the way to join.
Save a project (?)
Im trying to learn this tool, trying to understand, how it works. The first thing i cant find is SAVE ... How could it be? Is it a joke? Could indeed be a software (even online) without possibility to save a project? Then how can i do some revisions, if my client asks for it? Can i just do the design work and publish it, or download a ready banner? Without any option to save a project ... Even if i close my browser - all my work is lost immediatelly. Do i something wrong? The second thing is rel…
Preview multiple banners in sandbox (like a wallpaper) is not possible in project folder
Hi folks, in the sandbox there is the possibility to check/uncheck multiple banners on the upper left square that is shown as soon as you move your mouse over the corresponding ad. I love how easy you can make a preview for a wallpaper with this. Unfortunately this feature seems to be absent within a project folder. Would be great if you would update this (or did i just not find the feature?). Thanks a lot! Kind regards, Roman
Exported adform banner upload to own website
Andreas Lindgren
Hi there, I've got a video banner that's been created in adform. But when I export it I can't seem to get it to work on our server, the campaign has already been run. But I want it saved on our own homepage. I upload the unzipped folder, but when I navigate to the index file, I only get a black area where the banner should be. Banners that's been created outside of adform then uploaded to adform and exported I've had no problem running after export. How can I do this? //Andreas Lindgren
HTML5 Video Banner
Robert Tulio
Hi, I tried to export video banners using the but when I exported and tested it on my computer and my server it doesn't work. Kindly help. TIA.






Can't install Creative Flash Toolkit on Mac OS X
Philipp Leser
Hi I am unable to install your flash extension AdformCreativeToolkit. I am using the latest version of Flash cc (2014 Build 14.10.96) on a Mac. Is there a Version that i can install and where would i find it ?
Polite load as3
Hi Adform, Where can I see an example of a as3 flash banner with polite loading. An image loaded in
Toolkit in Flash cc 2015
Tor Henning Korssund
I have Adobe CC 2015 and i'm trying to install toolkit for CC. The extension is installed on Adobe Extension Manager CC but I can't find it in flash. Normally it is under window/extension but after I updated toolkit I can't find it.
Minimum Flash version
Hello, Is there a minimum version of flash required to run ads through Adform? J.
Expandable Banner Testing
Hi, Is there a possibility to test the expandable banners outside the Flash-Enviroment?
Dynamic Image Smoothing (AS3)
Hi Technical Team, We have a client trying to smooth images loaded into the device2 movie clip on the attached FLA. I've tried device2.smoothing=true; and on XMLLoaded var bit:Bitmap =; if(bit != null) bit.smoothing = true; without any luck. Could anyone help me? Thanks!