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Hosting of creative materials
Sohrab Hosseini
I'm preparing a set of dynamic creatives to run in July on Adform. The following questions: Where do we host the banners? Is this on your platform? Where do we host the XML that feeds the banners and is automatically updated daily? Do we host this on our side, or do you provide the CDN to host this? Where do we host the dynamic product images? Is this uploaded to the Adform platform? Possible via API? Where can we find documentation? Thank you
Video Skin Marquee
Hello, I was testing this format, "Video Skin Marquee", however, I failed to replace the videos. I want to insert personalized videos in this piece, but for some reason I can't. I can't find the part of the code, or how, to insert my mp4 video. can you help me? Regards, Felipe
Remove arrow
How do I remove arrows from 3d box?
Banner test fail
Hi, When I try to test my banners I get a note saying "Ooops" Upload failed. File type ("Application/x-zip") is not supported. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? – Mia
API integration with Geckoboard
For a client of mine, a customer of yours, I am looking to integrate their Adform data into a Geckoboard dashboard. I tried Googling but to no avail. Could you possibly tell me what the possibilities are?
Do videobanners catch more audience/interaction than basic banners?
Ville Aaltonen
Hi, I have been wondering this for a while and can't find any good source for information for this, so I thought that I'd ask you: Do videobanners catch more audience/interaction than basic banners? Do you have any good general statistics about this? Videobanners are usually a lot harder (takes more time) to produce than "basic" html 5 banners. Is it worth it? I know that I'm a bit black and white saying this, of course the creative is the key in any production, but I have a strong feeling that …






I get error when try creating ISSUU AdPages banner in Adform system
Good morning, Created Flash AdPages banner using Adform Creative Toolkit, added movieclip "droppHolder" as per your instructions, however when I try to create banner in Adform system I get error "Couldn't create banner, please try different template". What could be the issue? I thought it was problem with my PDF document but everything went fine when I used some default AdPages templates. Seems that something is wrong with Flash banner itself? Thanks in advance,
Flash Toolkit and Sync Banners: Banner Size not saved
Dear adform team, I'm working on a synchronized banner (in Adform Flash Creative Toolkit) for the advertising agency and need help with a weird problem. The problem is, that I can not change the default banner dimensions. Panel2 should be 200x600 px. When I change the banner dimensions in Attributes > Preferences and preview the panel itself, the new dimensions have been saved and everything is correct. But if I preview the whole project, all banner dimensions have been reseted to the default…
flash video banner (size 930x600) video specs
christian ramirez
Hi there. I have a request from a client that wishes to have a rich media flashbanner of the size of 930x600. They want a video to play to fill out the whole banner. My question is how will this work? Are there any MB limit to the video and what do you recommend? And which format should I use (flv, f4v or mp4?) If you have a link with the specs that would be fine perfect :) Thanks in advance!
Synchronized banner
Hello Adform, I've an old synchronized wallpaper flash banner which don't always work - it seems to work the first time I run it , but not on other tabs or browsers later. What could be the problem?
clickTAG Variables Not Working - Actionscript3
Your codes - var EmailFlashVariable = "[email protected]"; button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, ADFclicked); function ADFclicked(event:MouseEvent) { AdfURLNavigator.navigateToUrl( AdfFlashVarsUtil.getParameter("clickTAG") + ";cppar=1&EmailURLVariable=" + EmailFlashVariable); } gave me error messages - 1120: Access of undefined property AdfURLNavigator 1120: Access of undefined property AdfFlashVarsUtil I need to display the URL parameter after inserting data in four textfields on the banner. FY…
Flash banner template
Hello, Im thinking of using your flash banner templates. If I use this banner of yours: /support/documentation/build-flash-banners/flash-banner-formats/single-file-expanding-banner/ and use 300x250 banner that expands to 500x350. Does that considered to be a 500x350 banner or a 300x250 banner? Thank you in advance Linda