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Hosting of creative materials
Sohrab Hosseini
I'm preparing a set of dynamic creatives to run in July on Adform. The following questions: Where do we host the banners? Is this on your platform? Where do we host the XML that feeds the banners and is automatically updated daily? Do we host this on our side, or do you provide the CDN to host this? Where do we host the dynamic product images? Is this uploaded to the Adform platform? Possible via API? Where can we find documentation? Thank you
Video Skin Marquee
Hello, I was testing this format, "Video Skin Marquee", however, I failed to replace the videos. I want to insert personalized videos in this piece, but for some reason I can't. I can't find the part of the code, or how, to insert my mp4 video. can you help me? Regards, Felipe
Remove arrow
How do I remove arrows from 3d box?
Banner test fail
Hi, When I try to test my banners I get a note saying "Ooops" Upload failed. File type ("Application/x-zip") is not supported. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? – Mia
API integration with Geckoboard
For a client of mine, a customer of yours, I am looking to integrate their Adform data into a Geckoboard dashboard. I tried Googling but to no avail. Could you possibly tell me what the possibilities are?
Do videobanners catch more audience/interaction than basic banners?
Ville Aaltonen
Hi, I have been wondering this for a while and can't find any good source for information for this, so I thought that I'd ask you: Do videobanners catch more audience/interaction than basic banners? Do you have any good general statistics about this? Videobanners are usually a lot harder (takes more time) to produce than "basic" html 5 banners. Is it worth it? I know that I'm a bit black and white saying this, of course the creative is the key in any production, but I have a strong feeling that …






Clicktag code for AS2 flashbanner exported to html5 via swiffy
Frederik Rafn Barfod
Dear Adform, I'm trying to make a clicktag work. But my mediaagency says it fails the Adform test. Here's the reply from Adform: Unfortunately no, as the html file is still missing Adform library and clicktag which should be added according to the instructions: (link) I can't find the AS2 clicktag code on this test & support site. Can you help? Please provide the correct code. I've been using: on (release) { getURL(_root.clickTAG, _root.landingPageTarget); } This still won't work. Thanks in …
ClickTAG not working with Chrome.
Jon Erik Josephsen
Hi, following your guide on how to add clickTAG i am having an issue with Chrome. My banner is not clickable in Chrome. Firefox and Safari is fine. Is this a common problem?
comprehensive html5 banner working process
hi, i wonder if you can help with my problem? usually i use flash cs6 to do media ads banner that below flash 10.2 or just version 9, approaching to make html5 recently, but i am very confused about this, because there are different medias, for google's gdn, it seems like it must use the "google web designer", but what if another media also need this 300x250 (for instance), i have to do two sets? i tried to use edge animate also, but have no idea how to insert relevant clicktag thing and control…
Adobe Edge banner has problems with Fonts in FireFox browser
Hello, Created project with AdobeEdge, everything is OK with fonts when I'm testing banner locally, but once I upload this banner to Adform System or Adform Studio, I get strange characters and fonts are displayed incorrectly. This happens only when viewing banner on FireFox. All other browsers are OK, What should I do?
Can't install Adobe Creative Tolls on Adobe Flash CC 2015
Christophe Romeo Berthomme Kerleau
Hello, I'm trying to install your extension on my updated (today) version of Flash CC 2015 (Windows). Unfortunately Extension Manager always give me the same answer: impossoble to install; the installation requires Flash 9. I tried another solution I found in your forum (unzip the pack) but I can't find the correct folder on my pc). Any solution to my issue? Thank you, Christophe Romeo
Does not seem to work (2)
I tried your little banner builder, but when I downloaded the banner and opened the html file in my browser, all i got was an arrow.