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Is it a easy way to crossfade text/picture and have the animation looping?
We recommend to use Adform HTML5 Studio - special HTML5 banner builder. We have some default animations included, so I suggest to check our Builder Mode Intro ( and then read more about Animation possibilites in section Builder Mode (
Check tag for mraid compatibility
Koen van Langen
Hi Team, I was searching the adform site for an example of a mraid tag but unfortunately couldn't find this. Can you please let me know if the following tag is compatible for mraid? <script language="javascript" src="********"></script> <noscript> <a href="********;C=0" target="_blank"> <img src="********;srctype=4;ord=[timestamp]" border="0" width="300" height…
Hi, does the external CDN loaded CreateJS count towards the "filesize budget"? Thanks
Video state events not firing
Im using the AdForm video player and I'm trying to listen to when the video has stopped playing. The below is not working for me, any ideas ? VideoPlayer = Adform.Component.VideoPlayer; sources = dhtml.getVar('videoSources', [{ "file": "assets/coke_980x240.mp4" }, { "file": "assets/coke_980x240.webm" }, { "file": "assets/coke_980x240.ogv" }]); vp = VideoPlayer.create({ sources: sources, loop: false, muted: false, autoplay: true, poster: 'images/poster.jpg' }); if (vp) { vp.removeClass('adform-vi…
Some noobie questions
Hi, I hope this finds you well. I was asked to make a filmstrip html banner for someone and , after a few searches I came across your html5 studio. It looks great but, I was left wondering a few things. How do I sign up to use it? What is the cost involved? Can I save my work in progress? Once a banner is made, can I just download the files and use them on my server or? Can I import the files downloaded into another tool, such as Adobe Edge? Forgive me for all these, most likely, s…
Banners with "fixed" position
Hey Adform, What is the template called, where you have a banner, which has fixed content inside, which means that when you scroll, the display window is moved, not the content? You might see an example here: -Christian
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Adding clickTAG to HTML5 Adobe Edge
Hey Adform, I was wondering what is the best way to add Adform clickTAG to Adobe Edge banner? Thanks.
Google Web Designer banners in Adform
Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to work with HTML5 banner production instead of working with SWF banners. I'm forced to use Googles Web Designer Tool ( The reason for this is that I need to be able to upload my HTML5 banners in Google Adwords, and Googles specifications states: "Only HTML5 ads created with Google Web Designer are supported." Therefore I want to know if Adform supports HTML5 banners created in Googles Web Designer Tool?
Add clickTAG in Hype 2?
Hallgeir Greger
Do you have any experience with Hype 2? Is it possible to add clickTAG to the Hype-generated file like prosjectname_hype_generated_script.js ?
How to add clickTAG on Swiffy banners?
I uploaded my Swiffy banner to Adform system, but it seems that clickTAG is not working. :/ So, could you tell me how clickTAG should be added on banners which are converted with Swiffy? Thanks.
Publish banners from Adobe Edge
Hi Team, We produce banners for a client who has an account at adform. Currently, the banners are developed in a (web based) development suite. All banners are published from that platform to adform. To archive better creative results we want to develop the banner with Adobe Edge and publish them to the clients adform account from Adobe Edge. Is it possible to publish banners to from Adobe Edge to an existing adform account? If yes please can you provide me with some details? Thanks and regards …
edge banners
Hi, We created banner in edge. And the work fine when we upload them as example in adform. But when we upload them in the def system he gifs a arrow and says in misses the json file. What are we doing wrong?
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