From September, Flash will no longer be supported by Chrome. Prepare for the shift towards HTML5 by visiting our Flash to HTML5 help page

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Flash Banners Restrictions

Due to possible security issues Adform does not accept:

  • obfuscated Flash banners;
  • banners with some restricted AS functions;
  • banners which are Flash cookie dependant.

Please use the Test Section to check if banners meet the requirements. Alternatively, you can contact Adform Traffic department ([email protected]) for testing and suggestions on compatibility.

Also, Adform warns that when using the dynamic publishing method in the Internet Explorer or Firefox on Mac stage.stageWidth and stage.stageHeight might initially return 0 (note that for the Internet Explorer the stage size will be available on first load, however when reloading or revisiting a page it will initially be 0). The solution is defining a resize handler in your ActionScript code:

stage.addEventListener(Event.RESIZE, resizeHandler);
stage.dispatchEvent(new Event(Event.RESIZE)); // force stage resize event for normal cases 

function resizeHandler(event:Event):void {
  if (stage.stageHeight > 0 && stage.stageWidth > 0) {
    stage.removeEventListener(Event.RESIZE, resizeHandler); // only execute once
    // your initialization code here