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Video Banner

It is highly recommended to use Adform Creative Toolkit extension for Flash to deliver standard  banners with video fully compliant with the specs.  The Creative Toolkit auto-implements the required ActionScript commands on the flash files. Once exported, the assets are ready to be uploaded to the Adform system. You may download the latest version of Adform Creative Toolkit here.

Also, it is recommended to use already existing Adform banner project template as a starting point. You may find various banner formats in  Adform Production Guides page.  For creating Simple Video banner please see Video MPU project template or if you want to make a banner from scratch please follow instructions below.

Workflow Steps in Adform Creative Toolkit

  • Start with creating a Standard banner project.
  • Add video asset to your banner. See manage banner assets for more information.
  • Go to  Content > Video on a Toolkit menu.

    Select -content Video

  • Add video player on stage by pressing Add Player button and pick the video source for it to play. If you want that video area would be clickable - mark the tick "Click-through enabled".  In this step you may also set the video player Controls settings - mark the desired ones:

    Add Video Player

  • Set video streaming settings (if needed).  Here you may set that video would auto play, sound is on/off at the start, video would be streaming, looping. Also important to mark "Enable events" if you want to track down user interactions on video controls or how many video has been viewed. Events fire for 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% video played. More about Adform events could be found here.

    Video Player Settings

  • After all settings checked, press "Save". You will get Video Component created on banner's stage.

    Video Component

  • Now you could edit your banner elements - change color, button styles, component position. Also you may generate the banner preview by pressing "Preview" button in a Toolkit project window anytime.

Creative assets specifications

Asset/setting Specifications/recommendations
SWF file
  • Landing page opens in a new window;
  • Wmode: opaque.
Backup image file
  • Optional. Could be used PNG, JPG or GIF image format
Video file
  • Video can be user or host initiated.
  • Video might include play/pause/stop buttons.
  • Video duration recommended around 30 sec, however could be longer as well.
  • Replay button is optional.
  • Formats supported: FLV.
  • Weight by default is limited to 2.2 MB, however this could be extended and depends on contract terms for specific client/media agency.
  • Available on user initiation (roll over or click). Off by default.
  • Audio should mute after click is initiated.
  • Audio mute button control is recommended to have on stage.

Other VIDEO Banner Variations/Formats

There are few video banner formats that you might find useful.  On a Adform Production Guides page you may also find these projects:

VIDEO EXTENDER 300X250 _ 979X530: the format consists of an initial 300x250 banner with host-initiated video. A user can choose to extend the banner dimensions by grabbing the lower-left corner of the ad and dragging down-left to as much as 979x530.
Banner: previewSupport Preview Icon, source downloadSupport Source Icon .

VIDEO INTERSTITIAL 768X520: the format consist of a 768x520 interstitial video ad which appears before the webpage is displayed and starts to play. The ad can be closed anytime by clicking the close button in the top-right corner of the ad.
Banner: preview Support Preview Icon, source download Support Source Icon.

FLOATING VIDEO AD 750X600: the format consists of a 750x600 floating banner with host-initiated video. The ad can be closed anytime by clicking the "Close" button. Alternatively, the ad can close automatically in the pre-defined number of seconds. The banner accommodates a link to the predefined landing page.
Banner: previewSupport Preview Icon, source download Support Source Icon.

BILLBOARD CUEPOINTS 970x250: the format consists of a 970x250 banner which demonstrates use of embedded cue points in a video. AdformVideoEvent class is used to create and dispatch video events. User can do custom actions, iteract and comunicate with video player through these events.
Banner: previewSupport Preview Icon, source download Support Source Icon.