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FilmStrip Banner

It is highly recommended to use Adform Creative Toolkit extension for Flash to deliver filmstrip banners fully compliant with the specs.  The Creative Toolkit auto-implements the required ActionScript commands on the flash files. Once exported, the assets are ready to be uploaded to the Adform system. You may download the latest version of Adform Creative Toolkit here.

Also, it is recommended to use already existing Adform banner project template as a starting point. You may find various banner formats in  Adform Production Guides page.  

The IAB Filmstrip enables enhanced creative story-telling capabilities within a single ad creative. Advertisers have to submit just one 300x600 Filmstrip with five different segments. The Filmstrip is then served through the IAB UAP 300x600. Simple engagement features – scroll, click, hover, and touch – allow the user to explore all 5 segments of the 300x600 creative. Component is provided only in the Action Script 3 version.

A filmstrip can move down one subsequent frame in one of the following ways:

  • The end user interacts with 300x600 area and navigates to another page that serves the same unit;
  • The end user uses the scroll wheel on their mouse or horizontal browser bar;
  • The end user manually clicks on the next frame button at the bottom of 300x600.

Workflow Steps in Adform Creative Toolkit

1. Make 5 swf panels with content. It is highly recomended to read the specs before creating panels.

2. Create the main Filmstrip swf file:

  • Create a new Standard banner file with dimensions of 300x600;
  • Drag the Adform Filmstrip component on the stage from the components panel;

    Filmstrip Component

  • Customize available settings and graphic appearance of the component;

    Filmstrip Banner _parameters

    Animation Time (s) - Specify the duration of a scroll animation in seconds. (0.6 by default).
    Motion Blur - Enable/Disbale (true/false) motion blur (true by default).

  • Export the swf file;
  • Prepare settings.xml file according to the following example;

            <panel source="Panel1.swf">
              <nextText>Goto Slide 2</nextText>
            <panel source="Panel2.swf">
              <previousText>Goto Slide 1</previousText>
              <nextText>Goto Slide 3</nextText>
            <panel source="Panel3.swf">
              <previousText>Goto Slide 2</previousText>
              <nextText>Goto Slide 4</nextText>
            <panel source="Panel4.swf">
              <previousText>Goto Slide 3</previousText>
              <nextText>Goto Slide 5</nextText>
            <panel source="Panel5.swf">
              <previousText>Goto Slide 4</previousText>
  • Test the banner.

Note 1: Filmstrip component size is 21285 bytes


Note 2: For uploading such banners please contact [email protected]