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Creating Floating Ad

It is highly recommended to use Adform Creative Toolkit extension for Flash to deliver banners fully compliant with the specs. The Creative Toolkit auto-implements the required ActionScript commands on the flash files. Once exported, the assets are ready to be uploaded to the Adform system. You may download the latest version of Adform Creative Toolkit here.

Also, it is recommended to use already existing Adform banner project template as a starting point. You may find various banner formats in Adform Production Guides page. For creating Floating banner  please see click to float project template or if you want to make a banner from scratch please follow instructions below.

Workflow Steps in Adform Creative Toolkit

1. When creating a floating banner you are first asked to define some details:

Floating _1

  • Enter names of a project and a banner;
  • Set locations of a project and a banner;
  • Choose ActionScript version;
  • Set dimensions of a banner;
  • Select/deselect default clicktag (more info about this option can be found here). If the Default ClickTag field is left blank, the banner will be created without a clickTAG.

2. Fill in the banner specific information in the Settings tab:

Floating _2

Wmode – select possible values: transparent, opaque, or window.

With the Landing page target a landing page can be opened in a new or the same window, or in a frame.
Custom position – if a banner needs to be placed in a specific position, enter X and Y values.
If the Fixed position is enabled, a banner stays in the same position despite the scrolling.
Use Show after (s) if a banner needs to appear automatically on a page load, set the time period (in seconds) indicating the banner's show-up time. Minimum possible value – 0.1
Use Close after (s) when banner needs to be closed, set the time period (in seconds) indicating when a banner should be closed. This feature works only when Close after value is not zero.
If the Page overlay is enabled, all the content  of a site will be overlayed with color you select in the Overlay Color, and with opacity you define Overlay Opacity (%).
Position – select banner position from the default position list. If the Custom position has any values entered, then the Position's setting becomes inactive.

Finally, click the Create button.

3. If you need a banner to float on a specific action, you should call Adform.showFloatingByBN function:

Adform.showFloatingByBN, in case you are using:

ActionScript 2 ActionScript 3
import flash.external.ExternalInterface;

function handleExpand(event:MouseEvent){
    }catch (e:Error) { };
import flash.external.ExternalInterface;




function handleExp(event:MouseEvent){"parent.Adform.showFloatingByBN",

Note: Don't forget to add 'parent' to your Adform.showFloatingByBN

Sample of a code where floating is called with 1 sec delay looks like this:

import flash.external.ExternalInterface;

var myInterval;

this.ctaBtn.onRollOver = function():Void{
	myInterval = setInterval(expandIt,1000);

this.ctaBtn.onRollOut = function():Void{

expandIt = function():Void{


 4. Floating banner is possible to close by calling function ADFClose:

Function - ADFClose, in case you are using:

ActionScript 2 ActionScript 3
import flash.external.ExternalInterface;

this.closeButton.onRelease = function(): Void {
try {'ADFClose', _root.adId);
} catch (e: Error) {}
import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClick);

function onClick(e: MouseEvent): void {
try {'ADFClose',
} catch (e: Error) {};

5. The methods for creating and assigning actions are the same as for Standard banners. Floating banners must have close buttons - Adform Creative Toolkit inserts such buttons automatically.

6. When a banner is finished, it can be tested by clicking the Preview button. The ZIP file, created by clicking the Export button, can be uploaded to the Adform system as Toolkit Ad.

Other Floating Banner Variations/Formats

There are few video banner formats that you might find useful. On a Adform Production Guides page you may also find these projects:

CLICK TO FLOAT 300X250 _ 800X500: format consists of an initial 300x250 stage and a floating 800x500 stage. On 300x250 banner click, the floating stage displaying a video appears. The banner can be closed anytime by clicking the "Close" button.
Banner: previewSupport Preview Icon, source downloadSupport Source Icon .

PEEL TO FLOAT 300X250 _ 940X500: the format consists of 300x250 and 940x500 stages. On mouse over, a loading timer appears for three seconds. After 3 seconds or on click, the 940x500 floating stage appears.
Banner: preview Support Preview Icon, source download Support Source Icon.